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I can help! I specialize in working with internal teams at PR and Marketing firms to turn their communication strategies into eye-catching, engaging pieces that will achieve your client’s goals!

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Give your clients award-winning work on an accessible budget!

We all want to provide our clients with the best work that achieves astonishing results but for firms that aren’t focused on design can be overwhelmed to try to achieve that with visual creation of their vision. It can quickly get expensive having to hire a graphic designer, purchase expensive design software, creating a creative and productive work environment and more. Not to mention, keeping that designer engaged when there might not be a steady stream of design projects. That’s where I come in! I have extensive experience working with creative teams in agency settings who need a top-notch design on occasion. I have the ability to step in as the lead art director and help form, oversee and produce the final visual or participate as a team member taking direction to achieve the goals. And, with my experience working with global brands, I can quickly adapt to and design within brand guides and standards creating work that wows your client as well as gets results!

Major Brands I’ve Worked With:

“We gave Brandon some basic outlines of what we were looking for and he ran with it and we’re very happy with the results. He did a great job.”

— David Comisford, Founder& President Frewg Inc.

It comes to life through collaboration.

Whether it’s for print or digital, my design process is fairly simple. It all starts with a simple kick-off conversation where we talked about your project detailing what we want to do and what we want to achieve. We’ll discuss options and ideas, some that are the safe, easy answer and then some that will have that “wow” factor. After that, I’ll go back to my studio where I work on 2 or 3 design comps to provide you with several to show your client. Once we’ve settled on a design direction, we’ll work together revising it until it’s perfect and then prep it for final production. After the project is produced we’ll work together to track its results making sure it is exceeding your client’s expectations for success!


Per Project

Anytime you have a project come along that you need a designer or art director for, simply call me up, we discuss the scope, create an estimate and, if accepted, we get to work!

Best for:

  • Agencies who don’t have consistent deign needs
  • Agencies with new or hard to predict clients


A guaranteed number of design/art direction hours at a guaranteed and reduced rate. Lock in a special low hourly cost by purchasing block of time in advance.

Best for:

  • Agencies with very predictable, monthly projects
  • Agencies with many small projects and/or frequent small needs

A Mixture

Some of your clients might be very predictable and some might not be. If “Client A” has a standing, monthly project but “Client B” only contacts you when they’ve got a big project, this could be the solution for you!

Best for:

  • Agencies with a wide variety of clients
  • Agencies who need flexibility

Award-winning designer

“Working with Brandon involves a pleasant, fun, and creative session, where he takes “sparkler” ideas and turn them into fireworks!”

— Christy Rosell, Public Relations Strategist WellStar Health System


It all starts with a simple conversation. Give us your email address and we’ll get in touch to arrange a time to chat!

My core values are: honesty, transparency, collaboration, integrity, and balance. The companies I work the best with are companies who share these values and are focused on making this world a better place through protecting the environment and the animals that live within it, promoting healthy lifestyles, striving for social justice and celebrating diversity.

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