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Award-winning branding is within reach. I have nearly 20 years experience working with small business and start ups to get them looking their best without breaking the bank!

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Stand out from competitors with expert branding.

Whether it’s a new business, a new brand or just time for a refresh, taking your brand to the next level will put you miles beyond your competition. Your brand is what speaks for you when you’re not there. It lets your customers know in an instant who you are and what your level of professionalisms is. The good news is it doesn’t have to cost a fortune and there’s ways to get you looking like one of the big brands without spending the big bucks! And since I am proficient in both traditional and digital design, I handle everything inhouse. From logo design to the website design/build—and everything inbetween—I will make sure your new brand looks its best and maintains consistency across all platforms.

“We gave Brandon some basic outlines of what we were looking for and he ran with it and we’re very happy with the results. He did a great job.”

— David Comisford, Founder& President Frewg Inc.

Your vision come to life.

It all starts with a simple kick-off conversation where we talked about your brand: how you see it, what feelings you want it to evoke in your customers, what personality you see it having. Then the fun begins! After the kick off conversation I get to work establishing your new brand identity, typically creating 3 or more different concepts for us to choose from. We then narrow down the choices, perfect the direction and then, once it’s the best representation of your brand, we put it to work. The new brand identity comes to life by going on stationary, business cards, websites and more. All done with expert design skills, attention to detail and a dedication to consistency.


A La Carte

The a la carte option is just that, it allows you to pay for exactly what you need. Only need a logo and a website? Great—we’ll go over an estimate for the costs involved for those items and that’s what you pay. You pay for what you need, as you need it — simple and easy!

Best for:

  • Customers with a small number of things they need designed

The Sixth Month Plan

This option includes a full brand rollout with a robust amount of items to be designed. We work together to create an itemized list of deliverables, timeframe, and budget, and then get it all accomplished within six months while billing for the total in six even installments (one per month).

Best for:

  • Customers with strong design needs who want to optimize cash flow

Ongoing Retainer

This option offers a guaranteed number of design hours at a guaranteed and reduced rate. Lock in a special low hourly cost by purchasing a block of time in advance then we’ll use that time to create the logo, website and any other requirements you have as they arise.

Best for:

  • Customers who can’t really anticipate what all their design needs might be

Award-winning designer

“Working with Brandon involves a pleasant, fun, and creative session, where he takes “sparkler” ideas and turn them into fireworks!”

— Christy Rosell, Public Relations Strategist WellStar Health System


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My core values are: honesty, transparency, collaboration, integrity, and balance. The companies I work the best with are companies who share these values and are focused on making this world a better place through protecting the environment and the animals that live within it, promoting healthy lifestyles, striving for social justice and celebrating diversity.

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