Top Five Things to Increase Donations and Awareness on Giving Tuesday

If you’re having trouble wrapping your head around the fact that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK, welcome to 2023! The good news is that the Holidays aren’t all about stressful shopping, work parties you don’t want to go to, and pretending you like your aunt Molly’s tofurkey… there’s actually a lot to look forward to! One of the main things I’m excited for this year is #GivingTuesday.

Since 2016 I’ve been participating on Giving Tuesday the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This is a day where we encourage each other to do good and put the spotlight on those who need our help. Whether we contribute with monetary donations, raising awareness, or a simple act of kindness, Giving Tuesday reminds us that supporting our communities is the real gift.

If your company, brand or organization is getting ready to launch a Giving Tuesday campaign, here are my five tips to help you increase visibility and turn those likes into donations:

1. Create a Theme: Creating a unique and cohesive look for all of your communications (emails, social media posts, personalized letters, etc.) helps with brand recognition and awareness. When all the marketing pieces you develop have a consistent and clear message, your audience is more likely to take action. 

2. Set a Challenge: Challenge your audience and supporters to each ask 5 people in their network to make a donation. A fun idea is to create a social graphic for them to share and tag their friends. This will increase your views and chances to get donations.

3. Announce a Fund a Need: Think about something your organization really needs — for a pet rescue, for instance, this could be 10 new kennels that cost $5,000 to purchase. When you have your goal in mind, rally your audience around raising a specific amount for a specific reason. Remember that having tangible results can really inspire people to act!

4. Make it Personal: Utilize personal stories (videos are great!) to showcase how your audience makes a difference. A performing arts group might have one of their performers talk about how the organization changed their life and then also have an audience member discuss how a particular show changed their perspective or made a difference in their life. Making connections is key.

5. Follow Up and Keep the Conversation Going: The work doesn’t end here! After Giving Tuesday, plan to communicate with your audience to tell them how successful the day was and thank them for their support. Then include calls to action for next steps, such as joining the email list, following on social media, or attending the next event.

A cause I’m proud to work with

This year I’m supporting the Bobby Dodd Institute, an organization that’s committed to creating a more inclusive community where each person’s unique strengths are empowered and employed. Visit to find out how you can help!

How are you giving back this Holiday season? Leave a comment below!

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