Families First GACRS Booklet

Families First

Booklet Design

Families First (familiesfirst.org) is Georgia’s largest family and children’s services organization.They recently contacted me to help design a booklet for them and a division of their organization the Georgia Center for Resources and Support (GACRS). The booklet, “Serving Adoptive and Guardianship Families” is mean to be a guide for families to showcase the services offered by GACRS and to promote adoptions in the state of Georgia. Luckily, since GACRS is a division of Families First they have similar and complimentary brand standards and colors. The final booklet is full color, 8 pages (including covers) and full of great photos of happy families. The inside back cover also includes a space for a business card to be inserted so employees can easily leave their contact info with interested families.

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