GALEO Presentation Folder & One Sheets


Presentation Folder & One Sheets

GALEO ( came to me and said they needed some kind of a physical piece that they could leave behind with folks they met with. What they wanted to create needed to be able to be used for sponsors, donors, volunteers, partners – basically almost everyone they meet with. Because budgets are tight but they still wanted to create something very nice, it needed to have a universal application. After talking through all the concerns and uses, we realized the best solution was a highly designed presentation folder that could frame its contents with the GALEO brand and general messaging. Then we created a large set of one pagers that could be added or removed depending on the meeting or recipient.

The cover of the folder features their logo and images of their work. Inside are two flaps to hold the one pagers and anything else they might want to add. On the left flap is the contact info for the organization including their social channels. On the right flap are slits to insert a business card.

For the one pagers, we designed 23 unique, one page documents, some double sided. They range from generic overviews to detailed info on specific initiatives and even county specific stats to help get out the vote and empower volunteers.

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