Klem Group 2023 Holiday Greeting

Klem Group

Holiday Greeting

After several years of doing some wild and hilarious video greetings for the holidays, Klem Group (klemgroup.com) decided to go back to a more traditional, physical card type greeting this year. They came to me with the concept – BARBIE! I was excited from the start. The big challenge we had though was how would we tell the story we wanted to tell, and showcase all of their staff, in a traditional holiday card. With only a cover and an inside, it didn’t seem like enough room or panels to get the idea we had across. So, we came up with the idea of a z-fold card that was cut at an angle so you could see the panels behind it when it was all folded together. This took us from about three panels to six, and allowed us to tell a story that slowly unfolded as the recipient opened the card. While the approach is definitely not traditional, the way we designed it kept the printing and finalizing pretty simple which kept cost down considerably. We were able to get a REALLY innovative and unique card printed at a price that didn’t break the budget. This unique approach combined with a great idea, a team of employees up for doing something fun and a hard working team to take the photos ended up with a very memorable card that is sure to bring a smile to the faces of its recipients.

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