The European Company Trade Show Booth Graphics

The European Company

Trade Show Booth Graphics

With a major trade show coming up and some new products to promote, The European Company ( and their PR & communications team at JMF Communications ( reached out to me to help design the graphics that would go on their new trade show booth. They had already worked with an overseas team to design and build the structure of the booth so we took their schematics and leveraged the places where we could showcase both the product and the brand. With a very open and grand booth design, the printable areas were more limited than a traditional trade show booth. Because of this, the areas we could print on had to have as much impact as possible. The booth features a “crown” at the top that circles the entire booth that we used to promote all the brands the company represents. This “crown” also serves as a billboard as it tours over the trade show floor. As visitors get closer to the booth they can see an emphasis on product showcases, backlit panels, lighted shelves and a central focus on a large monitor. We created a booth with a very strong brand presence that stands out as a uniquely first-class trade show booth with a big emphasis on showing off all the great products The European Company offers its customers.

This work was done in partnership with JMF Communications.

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