Out Front Theatre Season Graphics 2019-2020

Out Front Theatre Company

Season Graphics

I was thrilled to be able to work again with Out Front Theatre Company (www.outfronttheatre.com) on the graphics for the line up of their 2019-2020 season subscription shows! The graphics for each show were created to stand alone to promote that particular show while also working together as a group. Each show’s visuals use a fairly graphic approach with a unique, dominant color and a creative use of typography which is used to help further the theme of each show. When the show graphics are all displayed together with each having a dominant color, they create an effect similar to a rainbow, which is of course, a subtle nod to the theatre company’s mission of giving voice to LGBTQIA artists through theatre. You can see here each show graphic followed by examples of season promotion including a rack card, postcard and full page ad.

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