Regional Bank Banner Ad Campaign

Savings Bank of Walpole

Banner Ad Campaign

Saving Bank of Walpole was struggling with creating a fresh, new banner ad campaign that they were happy with. The team at Paragon Digital Marketing reached out to me to see if I could help. The bank didn’t have an extensive brand to build on but felt that most attempts at a campaign deviated too much from what they had done in the past. The solutions they had just didn’t “feel” like something they’d do. What the brand did have was a strong use of a brand color (blue) and their logo. Other than typography, the logo features a weather vane—a great visual analogy for a bank. The challenge then, was to incorporate this element in a major way into the ad campaign. We designed a graphic approach to quadrants (N, S, E, W) and then tilted it to give it some movement and energy as well as to mimic the logo even more. The end result was a new look that could be used in a wide variety of ways without getting boring, was visually unique and identifiable and was a direct tie in to the brand.

This project was done in collaboration with Paragon Digital Marketing.

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