Savings Bank of Walpole Landing Page

Savings Bank of Walpole

Landing Page

The great folks at Paragon Digital Marketing ( were running digital ad campaigns for their client, Savings Bank of Walpole, and needed a great landing page for people that clicked the ads. They reached out to me to design something they could repurpose and reuse depending on the campaign they were running for the bank. Of course, this new design also needed to be responsive and adhere to the brand standards already established for the client. What I designed is a very adaptable landing page design that can be altered and changed for a variety of purposes. In the version you see here, we included every section we could envision them needing but any or all can be omitted or moved around as needed. The end result was a new landing page for the bank’s advertising campaigns that has a cleaner, more organized and more engaging look.

This project was done in collaboration with Paragon Digital Marketing.

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