Atlanta City Theatre Season Graphics / Georgia State University

Atlanta City Theatre (@GSU)

Season Graphics

I was honored to once again be asked to create the graphics for the season of shows presented at Atlanta City Theatre / The Georgia State University’s School of Film, Media and Theatre ( in their 2022-2023 Season. This season we updated the graphics for some of their programing that repeats each year such as Crash Theatre, The Speaker Series and A Night of Sexy Shorts. We also had new productions to add with Sweat and You Are Not Alone. Atlanta City Theatre is also once again doing a co-production with Out Front Theatre, Ruthless!, so for that show we were able to use the artwork I had designed for Out Front’s Season. For each production we also created a series of images or promotion on social media. And for the two big shows, Ruthless! and Sweat, we also created posters and additional support materials. All the season graphics are also combined into the rack card that you see at the top here which is an economical way of doing a season brochure. It’s a simple two page piece (front and back) and has enough room to promote each show with a short description.

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