Solstice Clinic + Training Center Website

Solstice Clinic + Training Center

Website Design

Solstice Clinic + Training Center ( came to me with a unique challenge in designing and building a new website for them. Their physical therapy practice had been represented online as part of a group of like-minded health and wellness professionals. Because of their growth and the changes in the industry brought on by COVID-19, it was time to establish their own, independent website. The challenge was to create a site that still maintained some connection to the previous group while having a unique look and experience that was custom for just their practice. We worked together to establish the brand elements that we wanted to carry through and to define what opportunities we had to do something that set them a part. The new site was designed and built with their patients’ experience as the core focus. We wanted to make sure patients could easily navigate the site to learn about the services that were offered, get to know the specialists and to quickly and easily schedule an appointment. The resulting site is energetic, informative and responsive.

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