Auric Systems Website Design

Auric Systems International

Website Design

Auric Systems International ( is a company that offers cutting-edge tokenization services to protect financial transactions and data exchanges. As their company was growing they were in need of a new website the both reflected the high-tech nature of their services while at the same time helping to explain what they do and the benefits of their process to potential consumers. The big challenge was making sure their unique offerings were presented in a way that was understood by those most interested in them while at the same time providing enough information to instill confidence in their users. The name “Auric” paired with the photo fo the golden pyramid on the homepage were the inspiration for the color palette and general look and feel. My role in this project was design only and the website build was done by the amazing team at Paragon Digital Marketing.

This project was done in collaboration with Paragon Digital Marketing. You can view the live website at:

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