BriefCam Interactive Decision Tree


Decision Tree Microsite

BriefCam® (  is the industry’s leading provider of VIDEO SYNOPSIS® technology for rapid video review and search, real-time alerting and quantitative video insights. Basically, they offer software that enables rapid video review and search, face recognition, real-time alerting and quantitative video insights from surveillance camera data. Their software goes way beyond the typical expectations most users have so they wanted to build an easy-to-use online questionnaire/decision tree to help customers throughout a variety of industries learn how their technology could best help their efforts. My role in this project was to design the interface of the questionnaire and source/create the technical illustrations that accompanied each page. Additionally, I designed and created a downloadable PDF for each of 100+ results depending on the users role and industry. Once the design for the site was finalized, it was then built and launched by the great team at Paragon Digital Marketing. After that, I then created a series of banner ads to promote the tool to BriefCam’s customers and prospects. The whole project was launched with great success and has been used by many. It has greatly expanded the awareness of BriefCam’s capabilities within their industry.

This project was done in collaboration with Paragon Digital Marketing.

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