Discover Monadnock Website Redesign

Discover Monadnock

Website Redesign

Discover Monadnock ( is  project of Arts Alive, an arts service organization for the Monadnock region in New Hampshire. The Discover Monadnock website is a portal that connects residents and visitors to all the cultural events and attractions in the area. After undergoing an extensive rebranding, they contacted the great team at Paragon Digital for a new website. I was enlisted into the project for the design portion. The task I had was to take the exciting new brand and apply it to the website in a way that was new, fresh and exciting. The website also functionally needed a bit of a reorganization. We took a fresh approach to the site and it’s content and made sure the new colors and fonts of the brand were used throughout. The end result is a website that is much more user-friendly that captures the excitement and enrichment of the arts and culture scene in the Monadnock area.

This project was done in collaboration with Paragon Digital Marketing.

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