Paragon Digital Buyer’s Journey Infographic

Paragon Digital


Paragon Digital ( is a digital marketing agency that builds strategic search engine marketing campaigns and leverages social media to send highly targeted traffic to your website. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them on the design side for many successful web-based projects for their clients. Occasionally, they pull me in to help with some illustration and graphics for their in-house projects as well and this is one of those projects. This piece is an infographic that illustrates the journey a buyer takes when making any major purchase decision. There are two illustrations; one showing a consumer looking to buy a home, and the other is a business looking for a network security solution. Each illustration shows four critical points of the decision making process and the accompanying concerns and questions each purchaser has at those moments. We’ve also included some supporting facts and figures to help illustrate the journey. Using this illustration makes it easier for the folks at Paragon Digital to talk to their clients and explain how they can help businesses reach their target market at the critical points. As with any infographic, these both take big, complex ideas and conveys them in a way that makes them easy to digest and understand.

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