GSU Season Guide

Georgia State University

Season Guide

I was thrilled to be asked to work on the season graphics for Georgia State University’s School of Film, Media and Theatre ( This is an exciting and growing course of study at Georgia State and I was honored to be a part of one of their first, comprehensive full-season campaigns. We started with the shows (or series) that were planned for their season and created a graphic lockup for each show. For the season guide, we took those graphic lockups and showcased them on the front and included descriptions, as well as dates and times on the back. On the left you see the completed rack card size season guide, and on the right are each of the show (or series) graphics that can be used on the school’s website and through social media. Some of the bigger shows will also be getting a full treatment of social media images, posters and postcards as well. Stay tuned for those.

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