Integras Homepage Update


Homepage Update

Integras Intelligence, a reputable investigation firm based in New York (, has been a long-standing client of mine. Our collaboration spans several years, during which we initiated a significant overhaul of their website, focusing on enhancing functionality and giving it a fresh new look. While the overall satisfaction with the website persists, the client expressed interest in updating their homepage to reflect recent developments.

Maintaining the core content, my focus was on designing innovative ways to showcase their services in a more captivating manner. Additionally, we seized the opportunity to incorporate newly launched initiatives since the website’s initial launch. Notably, we introduced a dedicated section highlighting their Case Studies, Blog, and Podcast. This strategic update not only reinforces their established brand identity but also serves as a platform to spotlight valuable new content appreciated by their audience.

In essence, this refresh not only maintains the integrity of their brand but also aligns with their evolving objectives, ensuring their web presence remains engaging and relevant in the ever-changing digital landscape.

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