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Recently, I was brought onto a project for RETA (The Regulatory Energy Transition Accelerator), an initiative under The Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) ( My role was to design and build an interactive map experience that would empower users to filter results and delve into how regulators from various regions prioritize decarbonization in their decision-making processes. Additionally, I designed a downloadable PDF report to complement the insights gleaned from the map.

The interactive map was seamlessly integrated into a one-page website experience within the main RAP website. At its core, the map showcases a global view, highlighting participating locations for users to explore. By clicking on individual locations, users can access detailed insights into the decarbonization journey of each regulator. Positioned above the map are four prominent buttons representing key themes, enabling users to filter results accordingly. Further customization is facilitated through two dropdown menus, allowing users to filter by either findings or recommendations from the reports. To enhance user experience, larger regions are listed and color-coded below the map, with clickable options to filter results by region.

For easy access, a link to download the accompanying report is prominently displayed at the top of the page. This comprehensive 55-page narrative provides valuable takeaways and insights derived from interviews. Mirroring the map’s structure, the report is organized around the four main themes, findings, and recommendations.

Both the map and report made their debut at a green energy event in Paris in early spring 2024, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback. This enthusiastic response underscores the value of these tools in assisting regulators worldwide as they strive towards a greener future.

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