Interactive Market Map – Videa


Interactive Map

This interactive market map was created for Videa to illustrate their coverage throughout all the Nielsen Markets in the United States. Our challenge was to display the television stations in each market that were in their system. We wanted the map to show their impressive coverage but also make it fun and interesting for any viewer to explore. What we came up with was the interactive map you see here that displays each market with a color that gets darker the more stations that each has. Then, when you click and individual market, you get a detailed pop-up with more information. The pop-up includes the market name, it’s rank, and number of stations (and their call letters and network affiliation). To make it more fun, we also included a fun fact about the market (cleverly provided by ClearWing Communications) and an icon representing either the city or fun fact. Illustrating all of these icons was definitely, for me, the highlight of the project. I designed and illustrated an icon for each of the 210 Nielsen Markets. Some were definitely easier to figure out than others.

View the interactive market map and see all the market icons at:

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