Out Front Theatre Virtual Show Graphics

Out Front Theatre

Virtual Show Graphics

These are the show graphics created in 2021 for a series of virtual shows presented by Out Front Theatre Company (outfronttheatre.com). This group of shows were presented while the theatre’s doors were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. This group was comprised of one newly produced play, one play that had been recorded the previous season in front of a live audience and 3 cabarets. While these shows were presented throughout the season, they are all available for streaming during June for Pride month. Each of the productions were of course quite different in their subject matter and tone so the graphics are pretty unique between them. However, you can see in the second panel how the Out Front Theatre branding and formatting was pulled in to keep things looking consistent and all part of the Out Front Theatre brand. Learn more about Out Front Theatre or get tickets to stream a show at: outfronttheatre.com.

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