Paragon Digital G4 eBook

Paragon Digital


Paragon Digital ( is a digital marketing agency that builds strategic search engine marketing campaigns and leverages social media to send highly targeted traffic to your website. As you may have noticed, I’ve worked with them on a lot of very successful digital projects. For this project, the folks at Paragon Digital had a lot of important information they needed to share with their clients and prospective clients regarding big changes to Google Analytics. They had created a great document explaining what the changes were and how they would impact businesses. It was a lot of technical information that they needed to share with largely untechnical people. My job was to take the great content they had created and present it in an eBook format that was engaging, informative and easy to read. The Paragon brand uses some fun, antique tin toys so I was able to weave those in throughout the pages as well as selecting some photography of people to add some human interest. The document contains some basic charts and graphs, as well as some visual walkthroughs of the Google Analytics interface. The end result is a very informative and engaging eBook that celebrates the Paragon Digital brand. It has been very successfully used to keep their clients informed as well as a lead generation tool. You can learn more about the book and download a copy at:

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