Videa 2018 Holiday Card


Holiday Greeting

This is the Videa ( holiday card for 2018. It was a dimensional mailer, meaning that it was a mail-able piece that was more than just a flat postcard or brochure. It contained the main flat piece that was a four-panel accordion-fold holiday greeting, a logo branded keychain UV light and a small note explaining to the recipient what to do. You can also see the mailing label in the upper left. The main greeting was printing on the front with special yellow, neon inks so that when you shined the UV light on the card, it really lit up and seemed to glow! It was something very different, fun and a bit magical for Videa to share with their clients, vendors and prospects. The back of the main greeting was done with a simple gold bokeh circle pattern so that they could be signed by and individual or team. The cards were kitted in padded envelopes and were received to the delight of many!

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