Lyric Show Graphics 2019-2020

The Lyric

Show Graphics

The theme for The Lyric’s ( 2019-2020 season is “Find Your Light.” This is the second season I was tasked with creating original artwork for the season’s shows and the first season that we had a graphical theme to pull them all together. The theme that was selected was “Find Your Light” so as I designed all of the promotional materials, light played a huge factor. With a wide variety of shows, it was a fun challenge to figure out how to pull in the concept in a unique way for each show that was exciting and dramatic. Designing all the show graphics at once enables us to create a unified look and feel for their entire season which makes them all unmistakably part of the same group of shows. So far, the graphics have been used at a season reveal event as well as on the Lyric website and social media. The graphics will go on to be used throughout the 2019-2020 season in posters, advertising, postcards, playbills and more.

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