NYSGE Event Graphics


Event Graphics

This was my ninth year working with the great team at the New York Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (NYSGE.org). Like everything during 2020, this year’s conference was exceptionally different. Of course, everything moved online and with that, many of the communication and design pieces we create were drastically different. The challenging year also gave us inspiration for the graphics as we chose. Each year, we focus strongly on great shots of New York City – usually during the day, evening or night. This year, we found some great shots of the city in the morning just as dawn was breaking. This approach gave the conference a feeling of look forward to a new and brighter future. The look and feel we created was carried through all of the elements that were created including: Promotional Brochures, Program Booklets, Exhibitor Prospectus, Banner Ads, Print Ads, PowerPoint slides and this year, Zoom backgrounds.

You can view the work done for previous conferences here »

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